…begins with a single step.

As I am taking these first few steps, having left my job in mental health to focus exclusively on my own business, I am reflecting on the feelings surrounding beginnings. On the one hand it is exciting! I get to be my own boss, focus on what I want to do and follow my dreams. What could be more rewarding?

On the other hand it is so scary! Not knowing if or when I will get more work, not knowing what my income will be from month to month and fearing the embarrassment if things don’t “work out”.

I know I’m not alone in this. As humans we are programmed to stick with what we know. We try to build a “comfortable” life, filled with the things that make us feel safe. The prospect of change and not knowing what comes next is unsettling, I know!

I am mentally clinging to one of my favourite motivational quotes:

“You can’t fail if you never give up”

We never know what the future will bring. We sometimes have to walk into the unknown and hope for the best. If we worry too much about what could happen we might end up not taking step number one, for fear that we won’t know what to do at step 25.

I have learned that things rarely work out the way we think they will. Sometimes they are better, sometimes worse or just different. Planning too far ahead can be a waste of time and mental resources, as the reality might look completely different when we get there. And we will be different too. Having walked that road we have learned new things, developed new skills and more resilience.

The only time that exists is now. The only place we can act is in the now. All our power is here, now. Taking that first step, placing one foot in front of the other. With confidence, courage and trust.

What step can you take today, in the direction of your dream? What action can you take to bring you closer to your goal?

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