This afternoon, after a very long week and a particularly difficult day, I got home totally exhausted. Feeling sorry for myself and utterly drained all I wanted to do was slump on the sofa.

But instead I grabbed my trainers, some Swedish hip hop and went for a run (by run I mean slow 5k jog – just to be clear). After only 2 songs my phone died and then it was just me, alone with my own thoughts, listening to sound of my breath and the songs of the birds, feeling my steps on the path. Mindfulness in action!

Needless to say, now I feel epic!

So, why am I sharing this? It’s not to be smug (even though I obviously am a little bit). It’s to motivate my future self. If you are someone who exercises regularly, you probably know the magic, mood-boosting qualities of those endorphins. But if, like me, you sometimes struggle to make that life affirming choice and end up giving in to old habits, this is a brilliant motivational tool for you:

Write a note from your post-workout self to your pre-workout self, detailing just how great you feel after your session. Be clear, be specific, make it vivid. Write about how alive you feel with all those endorphins flooding your system, how proud you are of your achievement, how much you’ve enjoyed yourself, or whatever you feel. Take a picture if you like, to capture that feeling. Then place it somewhere where you can see it the next time you are trying to motivate yourself to get active. Take it from yourself – you are going to feel so much better when you make that effort.

Try it – it works!

If you could do with some more support and motivation to create a healthier lifestyle, contact me to book some private counselling sessions.

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