Since the beginning of time us humans have wondered about the mysteries of life. We have asked ourselves and each other “What’s the meaning of life?” “Why are we here?” I personally believe that engaging with these questions and finding a sense of purpose in our lives is crucial to our wellbeing and fulfilment.

In our modern and increasingly secular world, where we have access to so much information, we can look to for example religion, science, mythology, spiritual and psychological practices to answer these fundamental questions at the core of our very existence. We can create our own world view, based on what makes sense to us personally and we can try different approaches to help us find our truth.

Interfaith is about inclusion, not comparison. It is about acknowledging each path for its contributions to the whole. It is about allowing every person to find their way of engaging with the fundamental mysteries of life in a way that is meaningful and illuminating to them.

The world’s religions supply a wealth of information, insight and practical tools for living in harmony with the world, as do many other schools of thought based on philosophy, science and modern spirituality. Interfaith is about respecting and honouring the truth in each path, whilst navigating the terrain in a way that feels authentic to one’s own belief system. It is unity through diversity, bringing understanding and open-mindedness to shine a light on our own as well as other’s exploration of life.

My work is deeply influenced by this approach on every level as I facilitate individuals in their own unique search. My commitment is to meeting people where they are and creating services that allow them to unfold into their own truth and deeper meaning through personal therapy, courses, workshops and ceremony.


Through counselling I offer a safe space to make sense of your feelings, thoughts and experiences. I support you to get to know yourself as you really are, so that you can show up fully and live your life authentically. You will be guided to look inwards, to find your own answers and make any changes you feel necessary to your inner and outer life.

Courses & Workshops

My courses and workshops incorporate different mindfulness based techniques to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself and the world. I design all my own content for a wide range of subjects such as learning mindfulness, facilitating personal growth and coping with stress and anxiety. My courses and workshops are suitable for everyone, regardless of background or experience.


Through the Interfaith approach I offer complete flexibility in creating a ceremony that is personal, unique and meaningful to you, with or without any religious or spiritual elements. I will guide you through the process of choosing words, readings, music, traditions and rituals.

Through my registration with the Interfaith Seminary I am authorised to solemnise opposite sex as well as same sex marriages and civil partnerships. Your wedding ceremony can be as creative, personal, romantic, lighthearted or quirky as you like – the important thing is that it is “you”.

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