Faith in uncertain times

We are living in times of great stress, pressure and uncertainty. Every day new threats are looming and our to do lists expanding. As a society we seem to value autonomy and independence over community and connection, organisation and productivity over health and wellbeing and financial and material gain over inner peace and a deeper sense of purpose.

How can we find something to hold on to when the world out there seems to be spinning too fast and our minds appear impossible to settle? Where can we find respite from the frantic pace, solid ground for our weary feet and enough space to breathe all the way in and all the way out?

For me, the answer is: in our own selves. I speak a lot about mindfulness and meditation and to me they are tools for reaching that deeper place within us. That place at the core of our being, where faith and wisdom live. I believe we all have this safe space within, a deep knowing and connection to something greater than ourselves but sometimes (ok – often!) it’s very hard to reach. We need practice and commitment, we need reminding and we may need someone to show us the way.

When the world is constantly and frantically tugging at us and pulling us out of ourselves, we need persistence and inner strength to hold on. We need faith in our own ultimate truth, the bottom line of our existence. To me this is more an experience than an understanding. It is a state of being, rather than something we do. It is a practice, which after years of commitment I am still far from having perfected. Yet still I try. Still I show up for myself every day, in new ways and old ways, exploring what is means to be alive.

What is your experience with faith? Have you ever had a sense of deep knowing, beyond intellectual awareness? Do you ever hear a quiet whisper from within, from a part of you that seems hidden or hard to reach? Would you like to explore? You can join me my weekly classes to learn mindfulness and other techniques for connecting with your inner self or book a private session with me to explore more deeply. You can also download my free guided meditation – Finding your Inner Peace HERE

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