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Coping with anxiety – a holistic toolkit to bring back calm

Anxiety is horrible! There’s no other way to put it. It makes you feel awful physically as well as emotionally and it can have a massive negative impact on all areas of life.

As a counsellor and mindfulness coach I have seen a huge rise in anxiety over the past few years, due to the pressures of our modern lifestyles. In this toolkit I explain how anxiety works on a physical, mental and neurological level and most importantly, how to treat it using a combination of holistic techniques such as mindfulness, journalling, psychological tools, guided exercises and lifestyle changes.

The key is learning to listen to your mind and body, getting to know your anxiety and your triggers and finding the tools, techniques and lifestyle changes that work for you. Everyone is different and as anxiety exists on so many levels within the mind / body system, you need to figure out your own unique combination of treatments. It’s a bit like working out the right combination to open a safe.

I have collected all my best tips and techniques that I use with clients so that you can access them all for yourself. I hope you will enjoy trying these tools, learning to trust yourself and finding your own way forward.

When you register you will receive lifetime access to all the tools and you are free to use them as and when you want, as many times as you like.

The toolkit includes:

1 welcome video

1 video presentation explaining the nature of anxiety

1 toolkit full of advice, suggestions and exercises

3 guided meditations

4 written exercises

Cost: £19

Register here

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